Our Lady of the Cape Primary School, Dunsborough

245 Cape Naturaliste Road
PO Box 562
Dunsborough WA 6281
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Procedures & Guidelines – old
Procedures & Guidelines – old

Parent Information Handbook

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Please note that our policies are currently under review and will be updated shortly.

Code of Conduct

Our Lady of the Cape Primary School Code of Conduct.
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Attendance Policy

Correct recording of student attendance is a legal requirement for teachers in schools in Western Australia.
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Bullying Policy

At Our Lady of the Cape Catholic Primary School we believe that all students have the right to an education in an environment where they feel safe and happy. We also believe that parents have the right to know that their child is going to be able to learn and enjoy their school life without the threat of bullying. This policy is a proactive initiative to make our school free from any form of bullying.
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Bushfire & Emergency Evacuation Plan

In response to a directive from CEWA due to our high fire risk rating, we were required to update our Fire Plan utilizing the skills and direction of a suitably qualified Bushfire Protection Consultant.
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Discipline Policy

All members of the Our Lady of the Cape school community need to be able to experience a caring (CARE), safe and positive school environment for themselves and others. Students, staff and parents need to know that they are valued members of the school community and to have their rights respected. Each member of the community has a responsibility to ensure that the rights of all members are respected.
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Disputes and Complaints Policy

Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia who seek to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good (Mandate, para 6).
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Enrichment Maths Program

To inspire and challenge through real-life Maths situations.
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Enrolment Policy

The Catholic Education Commission strives to make Catholic schooling available to children where parents wish for them to be educated in an environment which has the Gospel values and a Catholic ethos as its basis. Parents seeking enrolment at Our Lady of the Cape Primary School should see this as the main reason for enrolment.
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Excursion Policy

At Our Lady of the Cape Primary School, excursions play a major role in enhancing learning programs organised by the school for which students are required to be away from the school. They are an integral part of our educational program. They provide opportunities for both the educational and faith development of our students and reflect Catholic principles and values. The students gain opportunities to experience life outside of school in situations that they may not otherwise.
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Class Facebook Guidelines

In keeping with our school values and the OLC Code of Conduct, please carefully read and abide by the following information when participating in, maintaining or creating an OLC class Facebook page. (For example, OLC class of 2017 Page).
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Embedding our School-Wide Friendship Strategy

Friendology 101 is a skills-based social and emotional learning program that helps build children’s skills in fostering and maintaining healthy friendships. It aims to assist children in Years 1- 6 in developing the skills, language and self-confidence to be better friends and develop a solid foundation for future healthy relationships.
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ICT Use by Students Policy

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into schools allowing access to email and the Internet and other telecommunication devices. The availability of such resources provides the opportunity for schools to help students develop their full potential. ICT provides significant educational value but can pose a risk of exposure to inappropriate and offensive material and personal safety.
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ICT Student User Agreement

Your child will have the opportunity to use the school’s technology facilities this year. This access includes the use of school iPads, PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras and the internet in a planned and supervised environment.
View the ICT Student User Agreement for Pre Primary to Year 3
View the ICT Student User Agreement for Year 4 to Year 6

JEMMS – Maths Intervention Vision

Junior Elementary Maths Mastery is a Direct Instruction program based on the Dr. Rhonda Farkota model.
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Lockdown Procedure

In the event of a Lockdown Drill being called it is necessary for the teacher to quickly run through the following:
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School Uniform Policy

A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the Our Lady of the Cape Primary School community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety, and expense are also factors that contribute to the establishment of our uniform policy.
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